what is pvd coating?

PVD coating means Physical Vapor Deposition of Titanium, Titanium Aluminium and Chromium. The process is also referred to as Titanium / Titanium Aluminium / Chromium plating. The technology behind PVD coating is based upon the principle of plasma acceleration. The method involves purely physical processes, such as low temperature vacuum evaporation with plasma sputter bombardment.

PVD coating is one of the best methods for enhancing thin film plating elements. The vacuum deposition method coats the product with a film of hard refractory material 1-2 microns thick. Picture A is the result of a 3000 times x-ray taken of a 1mm stainless steel plate after coating. The result shows that the 1mm coated stainless steel plate contains of 3% of the PVD coating and 97% of original stainless steel.  

finishing and colour of pvd coating

The finish of PVD Coating will depend upon the surface of the product being coated, for example long grain / hairline, etched, textured and mirrored. Any engravings, patterns or designs which are apparent on the surface of the product will not be diminished through the PVD coating process. Even hairline markings will be clearly visible after the application of the coating.

The colour of the coating can be varied. The colours currently available for PVD coating are Gold, Champagne, Nickel Silver, Bronze, Copper, Brass, Black, Rose Gold, Dark Bronze (Coffee), Red Wine, Rainbow, Blue, Green and Purple. 

We are continuously researching and developing the process to add more colours. If there is a particular colour that you are interested in developing, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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